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It took about 6 years for me to play this, and I don’t know why, but it’s been sitting there in the same spot ever since! But, I’ve finally completed this game. (2008 – 1/12/15 – 7:03pm exact) Here are a few thoughts of mine after finishing the story mode after 6 years

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  • The story manages to be exciting, and pulls off some interesting situations and scenarios. There are a few cliche moments or segments which I sort of could predict, but there are better moments. Extra episodes and post-content are something to look forward to if you purchased Sky, and wonder what it has to offer in comparison to Time/Darkness
  • Many characters are fun, and easy to get to know, with their personalities standing out the most
  • Even though it is a 2D game, it manages to put use into some of the DS’s 2D graphical capabilities, along with the use of both screens for cutscenes or image presentaiton
  • Many memorable music tracks lie in the game, and most of them are heard in story related moments
  • If you’ve played Red/Blue Rescue Team, Explorers of Time/Darkness, Sky is no different with it’s gameplay, and manages to still hold up. There are new items that I assume retain their status from Time/Darkness (never played either), and a few new extras here and there. There are a few times however, where the AI becomes useless and will get you or them killed a majority of the time, forcing a save reload or dungeon loss. There have been times where the partner character AI has been helpful, and many times where it has been self destructive, managing to KO my entire party. Outside of the frustration of partner AI, recruit rates have increased, although they’re still random,. A step up from Blue/Red Rescue Team at least. There will be times where you will get beaten to the floor, but there are also moments in the gameplay that will make you laugh if you happen to outsmart the enemy pokemon in the game


Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky, might be one of my most liked games from 2008, but it’s clear that it has some problems in the gameplay that managed to keep me sane. Coming from Blue Rescue Team years later, or in this case, a month later due to a replay, Explorers of Sky is a good improvement over the original, and it’s story is a bit charming. It isn’t my favorite thing ever, but that doesn’t mean I hate this one, it’s just a preference.



This is a "differently formatted mini-review" of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon - Explorers of Sky by Reinamoon.

Originally written on Jan 12, 2015 @ 7:05pm, Revised on 9/14/2016

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