Review – Kirby Planet Robobot

In the March 2016 Nintendo Direct, Kirby Planet Robobot was shown, you know most of this stuff already.

I’ve managed to catch up to the many Kirby games over the years that I’ve missed, so that replaying this again (for the third time) would give me a better grasp on this, but that’s another story. Let’s just get to the point.

  • The Story: “One day, a planet-sized space ship conquers and mechanizes

    yes Kirby, all of this happened while you were asleep


    Kirby’s home world, the planet Pop Star. King Dedede and Meta Knight try to fight back, but Castle Dedede and the Halberd are both destroyed by powerful lasers. It is now up to Kirby, who slept through the entire attack, to set things right once again.”
    Whoa wait– why am I talking about story right now as a point? It’s a Kirby game, who cares right? Well funny enough, the amount of thought put into this game’s apparently simple story is amazing. I don’t really have much more to say about that. Find out the rest yourself as there’s much more to it than this. If you’ve played every Kirby game past Kirby Canvas Curse however, then you know how this works. Thought I should just get that off my chest.

  • The music perfectly matches the theme the game uses (robots, mechanization) by offering you a nice blend of your “regularly amazing Kirby music”, with “regularly amazing Kirby music” mashed with techno.
  • All six worlds are named and designed after the game’s theme, giving more variety to the worlds Kirby goes to here. In each level, you can also see some amazing attention to detail as well in the background (such as blenders and forks, neon-light buildings, and metal covering the ground and walls)
  • You open the boss level by collecting five Code Cubes. It really isn’t that hard to miss at least five to get to the boss.
  • The return of the Smash Bros. ability: This has always been my favorite ability since Kirby and the Amazing Mirror, and hey, it has his updated moveset!
  • Other new abilities: Many of the new abilities are fun to use (as expected), Poison being my favorite one out of the new ones.


    Manga Kirby on the left plate for extra badass


  • The Robobot Armor doesn’t overstay its welcome, or have a one time usage deal. The gameplay perfectly mixes both normal Kirby and Robobot gameplay together to give you a brand new experience while keeping core gameplay the same. It is used to both solve puzzles AND be a part of the game. You also get 14 Robobot Armor modes to use, just like how Kirby has his copy ability. You can also decorate your Robobot on its left or right arm plates with stickers you collect in the main game
  • Really good and intense boss battles for Kirby and some for the Robobot Armor
  • Kirby 3D rumble is a neat little sub-game which seems to be based off of one of the cancelled Kirby GCN’s concepts. It only has three main levels (with four courses each), but it’s still a fun addition.
  • Team Kirby Clash is the RPG I’ve been wanting for years! (joking) Hilariously enough, you can actually grind to your max level if you want. It’s a nice sub-game you can play by yourself with CPU players or somebody over local or download play.
  • Even though the game can be easy (which Kirby games are known for), you’ll still have a lot of fun with it. The difficulty does ramp up though so it’s not a complete breeze
  • There is a lot to do in this game after you finish the Story Mode, with extra modes and more. You can collect all of the stickers in the game if you’re looking to fully complete the game, and collect the Code Cubes to play extra stages in each world
  • Reminder: there are secrets everywhere, search every square inch. (you wouldn’t believe that I replayed a level five times to search for a golden sticker I missed)
  • I haven’t tested amiibo abilities (because I don’t have a reader), but some things here aren’t amiibo exclusive, that’s all I’ll say.


Kirby Planet Robobot is an excellent game that manages to keep this new entry feeling fresh and new by offering a new gameplay mechanic while staying true to its core. There isn’t much to say, but if you’ve played a previous Kirby game, then you know what to expect coming in for this one. I can’t really put it any better than that.



This is a "differently formatted mini-review" of Kirby Planet Robobot by Reinamoon.



(story description from: source)

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